Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Curly Hair Journey 2015-2017

When I first started this blog I had a gorgeous head of Zooey Deschanel-esque brown hair with thick bangs and natural waves down past my shoulders. It was my crowning glory and made me feel beautiful. 

Then I colored it red for a while and it looked like Jenny Lewis hair and I was in heaven.

My bipolar meds, however, had caused my hair to thin out and my body chemistry to change and it was getting harder and harder to take care of my thinning, sweaty hair.

Then I cut it all off and bleached it and it looked horrifying.

June 2015
So gold.  So frizzy. The worst. 

Sometimes it looked really good.  But that was if I had hours to do my hair.  Most of the time I did not and my bangs would take on a lumpen, stiff shape that did not look very natural.

Yeah mid-summer humidity would take what was a cute ponytail look and do this to it:

Oh how I hated this look.

Nine months later and I had finally toned down the brassy, obsessively flat ironed locks to a cooler brown.  One morning, forgoing the flat iron, I discovered baby waves.

March 2016

My hair had somehow done this all by itself without a comb or any hair tools. 

I began researching frizz-free ways to achieve wash-n-go hair.

I began to stop using towels and using cotton shirts or microfiber towels on my hair.  Here is my hair wrapped up in a shirt.  I used to do this for hours.

This time I tried a different technique involving scrunching and such and this happened:

Starting that April I decided to totally go for the curly girl method and switched to using exclusively Deva shampoos and conditioners on my hair which contain no silicones, sulfates, or parabens. I wanted my actual hair to begin healing from all the bleach and flat ironing of the past year and be open to moisture and proteins. I began using various custards and gels for hold.

By May I had trained my hair to do this:

By September it had become even curlier after my first curly cut in July had grown out a bit. 

I got my second curly cut around Halloween and just a few days ago I started experiencing bigger natural curls!

Photo Credit: Natalie Voytek, January 1, 2017

Sometimes I look at people with straight hair and bangs and miss my old look.

Photo Credit: David Weaver, October 31, 2012

It was a great look. But it involved washing and drying and curling and flat ironing and sometimes clip-in hair extensions and most of the time it did not turn out nice.  Plus even on days where I wanted to roll out of bed and leave, I had to spend time on my stupid bangs.

I woke up like this October 2015.  It took 45 minutes to get my damaged hair not to look this way with a flatiron.

With the wavy do this is my routine:

1. Shampoo roots with DevaCurl Low-Poo. (5 minutes)
2. Condition ends with DevaCurl One Condition (5 minutes)
3. Rinse hair upside down and form into wet curly sections. (1 minute)

4. Smooth every single section with hair product. On high dew point days I use DevaCurl Light Defining Gel. On lower dew point days I use DevaCurl Frizz Free Volumizing Foam. (1 minute)

5. Scrunch from tip to root. (5 minutes) 

Here is a video that shows off the smoothing and scrunching technique that I found super-helpful in the beginning. I just don't tend to need as much product as she does so it takes less time.

At this point you can either air dry, dry with a diffusing attachment like this girl does, or do what I do and sit beneath a hair dryer with a bonnet and relax (20 minutes)

Once hair is dry style it with your hands to gives it some semblance of order. (5 minutes).

Besides shampooing and conditioning, my hair now only takes about 35 minutes to do and only 15 minutes of that is hands-on. It used to be 45 minutes hands-on and sometimes 2 hours hands-on to get it straight, only to have it frizz out or flatten most of the time.  Now that I have no bangs or worries about every hair being in place I can run out of the house with third day hair and feel pretty confident that I look good.

Well that's my hair journey for the last two years.  Bye!

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