Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Very Special What I Wore Wednesday: Catcall Edition

This old thing? Cardigan: Torrid purchase from 2011, Camisole: Forever 21 purchase from 2012, Skirt: Walmart purchase made 14 years ago. Shoes: Clarks purchased in 2011

I am not a fashion blogger and I might not ever be. Although I do love fashion bloggers. I love women and men who feel good enough about what they are wearing to share it with the world. Keep it up, fashion bloggers!

Anyway let me tell you about this outfit.  I wore this outfit to work today. It is 80 degrees and humid here in Annapolis, Maryland, and I've been assured it is snappy and work appropriate.  

Isn't it so pretty?

I have an office job that I have a love/hate relationship with. I love that my job is in an office, that I am good at what I do, and that I work for amazing people. I know I complain a lot about cubicle realities such as being able to hear absolutely everything that goes on, but beyond the craziness it is probably no different than any other job. Besides the slums of cubicle life, my least favorite part of my job involves telling almost everyone that they've made minor mistakes and am often afraid I'll be the messenger they kill. However, I do enjoy knowing my job is important, that I get to work in a pretty office building just minutes from the city, and it all is also just minutes from my home. 

I was having a particularly good day today for the first time after a week of influenza, a pulled back muscle, and low energy in general. Yesterday I was able to go to lunch with a colleague and I thought going out to lunch on a beautiful day like today would also make for a great afternoon. I grabbed my keys and excitedly descended the stairs.  It was pleasant for once so I decided to forgo the car and walk to get my sandwich.

In the sandwich shop the line was short and I let people go ahead of me as I decided what I wanted. Everyone there was dressed in their business wear and I felt all professional like a business woman.

Do you know why I felt like a business woman?  Because I'm a goddamned business woman. I bought my cheap sandwich, tipped 20% like some sort of high roller, and sauntered back to my office on top of the world. 

And then it happened. A truck on its way to my office drove by me slowly and honked.

Yeah, okay. People are idiots.  So I keep walking, air taken out of my sails, but still looking forward to my awesome sandwich.

One minute later I'm a little closer when it happens again, only this time the truck was leaving the complex and it was a different truck. 

This time super loud and super obvious.

So my first thought was like, "Jeez, seriously?" My second thought was, "Did a boob pop out? Is my skirt all up in my granny panties?"  Neither of these things were true. 
Everyone tells me to take it as a compliment. Why?  When we're on campus, the people in the trucks, our delivery people, our construction workers, I treat them professionally. I ask if they need anything.  I tell them to have nice days. If they're frequent visitors I practically consider them coworkers. I hate to think that one minute I am a person they respect, an equal and the next minute I'm a walking pair of tits to them, a woman trespassing in a man's world, something to taunt and tease, an object to hoot and holler at.

Here are compliments I actually received today and in the past at work in regards to my appearance.
"You look pretty."
"I like your hair."
"Wow, you're all dressed up today."
"Is that new!  It's so cute!"

Can you see that this is way better than being honked at by some strange man with a giant leer on his face?  What is this, high school? 

My friends like to tell me that this is proof I still got it.  I don't mind hearing that from a friend, but from some stranger in a gigantic vehicle? Fuck you, who asked you?


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