Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Local Blogger Flew Away Today on A Balloon Into The Sky

I don't take a lot of time in my life to dream. A lot of my life constantly moves at a pace faster than I would like. By the time I have time to wish something, that something has either already happened or it is too late for it to happen. The only time I get to wish lately is if I am complaining. I am happiest usually when I am not wishing and enjoying what I have.

When I checked websites for local chorales this weekend, my pulse quickened and a feeling a true dread inked its way through my blood. I closed my laptop and told myself I would not do it, that it was not what I wanted when the truth was it was desperately what I wanted.

Hello, adrenaline. How can I make friends with you to turn you into motivation to conquer these fears?

I am afraid to be disappointed and to make serious wishes.  This is the first one I have taken seriously before. Usually when I end up wishing I do it begrudgingly and for something totally ridiculous and unattainable like this:

I'm the realest.

And if I get my wish I become overwhelmed and full of anxiety. I think of all the things that could go wrong and it feels like all the wrong things are already happening to me instead of all the right things.

So what I really wish for is courage.  Courage not to fly away this time and to do the work and see this dream through to the end. Courage not to escape with excuses and jokes. 

Joining yet another link up.  That means two link ups worth of blog posts I'll get to read throughout this week. It's become a fun little way to play internet!

Love the Here and Now

I'll fly away. Oh Glory. I'll fly away in the morning. If I die, hallelujah by and by, I'll fly away.


  1. Thank you so much for linking up! I could use courage too. I am one that likes to stay inside my comfort zone even though there is so much I want to try and do. My insecurities hole me back. Courage would go a long way in making me feel like I could try something new.

    1. I love linking up. If not for the blog traffic, but for finding new people that inspire me and make me laugh.

      I love my comfort zone. It is snuggly and full of cheese. But I deserve better.

      My favorite comedy performer is Maria Bamford. She read this procrastination book and it told her to regardless of her feelings to "do the work." That is something I have been trying to do. I have depressive episodes and I have to remind myself my depression lies to me and tells me I am too tired and that I don't feel like it. It was really convincing and powerful and even now is hard to shut up. But I will shut it up. With song! :)

      Thank you for visiting!