Friday, August 29, 2014


August?  Unlike the Internet, you let me down a little bit.

But that's OK August, because you did not completely let me down.

  • I may not have lost one pound this month.  
  • I may have gotten the flu, had a faulty air conditioner and maintenance on the apartment most of the month causing me to be completely unable to stick to any sort of diet or workout plan. 
  • The worries of the world where people value their own preconceived notions of race over actual human beings might have made us not want to be a human being anymore.
  • We may have lost Robin Williams.
  • We may have had deaths in our families.
  • We may not even have taken one photo of our days so you didn't get to see a whole month of creamsicles, sweaty lazing about, and fights that usually started with, "Don't touch me!"

That only means one thing.

September is going to have to pick up the rest of your slack.

The cool thing is?  I already have September planned out meticulously.

September Week 1 - After ending office with a dinner with friends, only a three day work week, and then three days of sun, fun, and beach at Maryland's tackiest ocean getaway, Ocean City, Maryland.

Two of my favorite people have birthdays that week so I'm going to try to send something their way or drop by to see them or somehow make plans with them.


September Week 2 - On Mondays and Wednesdays at 7pm I will be taking Zumba (Plus Toning) classes. I'm not sure with who. But I've paid for them and everything -- $65 for 7 weeks of hopefully not falling down and spraining my ankle.

I think toning is a really dumb and sexist word. I am not a laser jet printer, I am a woman with muscles. Why not call it strength training like everyone else?

September Week 3 - I might be traveling up to Delaware to meet an old LiveJournal/now Facebook friend for her birthday. Many many excites.

September Week 4 - On top of taking Zumba classes, this week I will get to go to Jury Duty. I promise to take lots of photographs until they tell us we cannot!

September Week 5 - I get to spend a whole day at a training class in a hotel.

So the best part about September? An inordinate amount of time off work without me having to take a lot of leave. I hope I get picked for a trial and everything. Then if I get picked I can get away from my coworker who has the table habits of Indiana Jones: (In case video doesn't show, it's here:

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