Tuesday, July 22, 2014

"You WOULD wear rubber shoes in Hell!"

A few days before my birthday, this amazing blogger, Michelle at Rubber Shoes in Hell,  found me and started following me on Twitter. I do not remember why she honored me that way.  I'm looking through my Twitter around that time and it's my usual goofy self posting whatever comes into her head. Well I happened to catch one of her blog posts randomly two weeks ago and she's everything I could possibly want in a blogger-funny, insightful, loves me back. 


That is not entirely true, actually: she invited me through a DM on Twitter and I got so excited to be included I peed a little.  I live a sad, lonely, eager life.

Anyway, here is how the blog hop works: I answer the below four questions and then link four bloggers who will in turn answer the same questions and tag four other bloggers. 

And then they tag four bloggers.

And those bloggers tag four bloggers.

Here are the questions:

1)      What am I working on at the moment?

2)      How does my work differ from others of this genre?

3)      Why do I write what I do?

4)      How does my writing process work?

Q. What am I working on at the moment?
A. “People want to know: ‘So what are you working on? What’s going on with you? What’s the next page? What’s coming up for you? What’s on the horizon?’ And I say: ‘Oh. I’m done. . . . Yeah, I finished early. I’m actually living in a gravy boat filled with delicious gravy.’ ” - Maria Bamford

I like that answer. Blogging, at this point, is absolutely a hobby. I am actively working on the ability to coherently write again, to tell a story that makes sense. 

Like Maria Bamford, I have been recently diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. Ever since I was a child something was a little off with me where I would start avoiding people, talking really fast, or making really bad life decisions. There have been times in my life where I have been unable to function, where I suffered from delusions and psychotic episodes. 

People merely thought I was a late bloomer or going through a phase, but as my bipolar went untreated the symptoms worsened. Always an advanced reader I suddenly did not have the ability to pick up a book and read it for more than a minute or two. My sentences did not make sense, I did not sleep, only paced the halls. Just getting dressed and going to school or eating meals was impossible.

I was hospitalized in 1999, but since then I did not adhere to treatment and over the years the rapid-cycling symptoms worsened, culminating in a psychotic mixed episode last November. I did not go to the hospital that time and knew exactly what I was experiencing. Getting help took much longer than it should have because I just refused to go to the hospital, but things began turning around for me around the end of June 2014 when I found the right doctor.

I am very fortunate to still have my job, my husband, a roof over my head, and friends but I am highly aware that I have hit rock bottom and am still digging my way out.

Q. How does my work differ from others of this genre?
A. As a serious, successful, and important blogger of my genre, my readers can count on me to give you the very latest on the panda bear eating Triscuit cracker crisis in the deep south, where Forrest and Jenny is like peas and carrots and the poopwater is always salty. I'm kidding. Mainly, as personal blogging goes, some days I might make sense and other days it's word salad (on those days I try to avoid blogging), but it will always be some typical girl's experiences working and living around Annapolis, Maryland. It's still my experience.

Q. Why do I write what I do?
A. I wrote in my blog the other day:

For those who know me, writing has always been my thing. My oxygen.  My outlet. I was that child before she even knew how to form letters who tried to write stories because she ran out of things to read.  I was that child in fifth grade who pulled an all-nighter because her assignment was to write a short story for class and she was so excited about it she could not stop writing, even with sores on her hands, that writing callus. I woke up and wrote, I went to bed and wrote. When other kids cut class to smoke and go to the mall, I cut class to write or to read.  It was always me with my nose in a book or my pen in a book.

I have been blogging for sixteen years, from the early days of Geocities and LiveJournal even. I have had many, many blogs and at this point it is habit. My life does not feel right when I am not blogging it.

Q. How does my writing process work?
A. My most ideal time to write is on a desktop computer during my lunch break at work or on my laptop at home when it is quiet and I am focused.  I write better if I give myself creative time to walk in the morning and get that oxygen flowing. It takes about five minutes for me to really get started, but once I do I have to stop right away because I am so proud of myself as well as intimidated by all the ideas that come rushing forth I have to get up and do a little dance. 

If you have read this far ... good work! You get a pie:

Here are four blogs I read on the daily (who will hopefully find this superfun and do it too so I'll have new blogs to read!)

Heidi at Life in Pink: I stayed over Heidi's house one time after a party and she babysat my hungover butt the whole day by feeding me bagels, introducing me to a good running store, and bonding over Sex and The City episodes.  I've been reading her blog ever since. It's a fitness and mama blog and it is one of the first "blog" blogs I ever subscribed to.

Arthur at RT Gomer Productions: Arthur runs an entertainment website which is kind of like HelloGiggles for video bloggers, gamers, and cosplayers. He is one of my best good buddies who I've never met in person.

Laura at The Everyday Joys: I like to live vicariously through Laura as my what if. As in, "What if I had kids, took photography classes, had an eye for design and art, and a great deal of faith and love in my heart?"  To say I love her and her writing is an understatement. 

Shalini at Reading and Chickens: She is on a blogging break right now, but this is my absolute favorite blog in the whole world. She was featured on BlogHer in 2012 in an entry about how she was angry with God which spoke to me and made me cry. When she writes I can feel the enthusiasm and thought behind each word. I will have to let her know I did this. Also she has chickens and they're stupid and mean and fuzzy.


  1. This is gorgeous and I love it...thank you so much!

    By the way..big bad tongue..that's me. Michelle. Don't ask.

    1. There's always a story with you! Thank you for loving it.