Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday Snippets: Kitty Shenanigans, Old Love, Home In My Heart

 Annie Cat

When I am in the shower my kitty cat, Annie, becomes very curious about what I am doing in there and why I use a shower curtain. Annie thinks it is a game.  Annie convinces herself that she likes to crawl into the shower with me. Then Annie immediately jumps out when she realizes there is water in the shower and that water is wet. 

Annie does not like that water is wet because she has long, fluffy fur. Therefore sometimes Annie will remember that water is wet but is still curious about the shower curtain and will tap at me through the shower curtain.  Annie will also jump up on the toilet, peek in through the shower curtain and paw at me. 

This morning Annie somehow figured out how to climb between the clear shower curtain and the fabric shower curtain. As the shower water rains down on the clear shower curtain protecting her from the sudden unexpected waterfall, Annie is suddenly horrified. Annie scrunches up her face at me and lets out a loud, derisive, wide-mouthed meow as if I had trapped her there on purpose. Then Annie panic walks backwards to get out from underneath her shower curtain tent.  

A minute later, Annie cat is pawing again to get between the curtains, trying to re-live her thrill-seeking adventures of remembering that water is wet.

I Don't Belong Here

Twelve years ago today, we were standing at the gate after three glorious days of palm trees, blue water, and afternoon naps.  This was the third time I was leaving him and I broke down into very undignified gulps of tears as I kissed him. He laughed calmly in my face, stroked my cheek and said sadly, "Don't cry, my love, or the airline guards will think you're cuter than you actually are."


Age five. Inside a yellow tent the morning sun beats down upon a yellow fabric ceiling. Shadows of plant life sway in their sunny silhouettes. My eyes are calm as a baby's eyes in his crib, blinking awake from a nap. I serenely watch a grasshopper smack against my golden sky and land on a branch far above. I smell the dirt and stone beneath the tent and grit on my milky, little girl skin from all my playing the day before. 

I know love. I know when I unzip my tent I'll find my mother sleeping under the trees and sunbathing, a book overturned on its spine resting in her lap. I know my father in his snug flannel and denim will be off exploring the forest with his trusty mutt companion, Buffy. I know they will find more wood, deer, tracks. I know they will read the "news" campers, hikers, and wildlife leave behind with their prints and nests. 

I belong here. I am a part of the shadows, the sun, the breeze, the bay and its wildlife. I trust that I belong here now.


  1. Haunting and lovely as always.

    Well, not the cat part, that was just damn adorable.

    1. Thank you. I used to be finely in tune with these memories, but I am so distant from them. It is nice to visit them once in a while.

      You would love my cat. She is a furry weirdo.