Sunday, July 13, 2014

Probably The Wrong Way To Get Sweet Potato Stains Out of Wood Cabinets. (Sorry.)

The past few weeks this terrible smell has been coming from my kitchen, enough that I've had nightmares about where it might be coming from.   I went sniffing around one and could not find the culprit until I was looking for one of my frying pans and discovered a bag of rotting sweet potatoes oozing their decomposed rot juice all over my lovely kitchen cabinets.


I am sparing you the grossness of moldy sweet potatoes, but here is the lovely stain they left for all the world to see.

"Yeah, that's never coming out."  I sprayed some Soft Scrub on that shit, shut the cabinet door and decided to never open it again.

But when I walked by it still smelled. So after fifteen minutes I scrubbed with two Clorox wipes which seemed to get most of the stain out:

Okay.  There might be hope. 

I scrubbed it some more.

It's definitely looking better.  Looks kind of like a peen though.

Tater peen!

Probably needs a couple more scrubs to get the job done.

I'm probably not going to fuck with it much more than that though.  I have Kim Kardashian Hollywood to play.

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