Saturday, July 12, 2014

Mad Pig Disease

As I was walking by my vegetarian coworker's office after his lunch he called me over with wide eyes.

"I ate meat!" he said excitedly.  Apparently there was unknown bacon hiding in his macaroni and cheese bake.

"Oh no! You're going to get mad pig disease!"

We laughed and as I walked away I darted back with a concerned look at his rear. "Are you growing a tail?"

He actually looked behind him and I laughed harder.  "Do you actually think you might be growing a tail?"

"I was wondering if my bag was sticking out."

"Your colostomy bag?"

"No, I carry extra bags in case of dog poop." It dawned on him finally why I asked if he's growing a tail. "You smart ass."

I told my other coworker about it who said, "Yeah, he said, 'It's going to make me weird' and I said, 'You mean weird-er.'  Everyone knows Don is weird!"

"Haha yeah.  Everyone knows I'm weird too, though."

"Yeah weird.  And crazy."

"That's not nice."

"Hey, you left that wide open."

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