Tuesday, July 8, 2014

How My Husband Still Surprises Me After Knowing Him For Sixteen Years

As I pick the celery strings out of my teeth I am feeling a little less enthusiastic about celery and Greek yogurt than I was yesterday. After four celery sticks my mouth tastes bitter and clean. Blech. Vegetables. I feel like Ariel at the end of The Little Mermaid before King Tritan transforms her into a human wearing a sequined gown, only instead of Prince Eric, I want pizza.

Girrrl, it's really not that far away.  Just swim over there and grab a slice.

I don't think I made that pizza large enough. It's the size of a personal pan which isn't enough for me a mermaid. Mermaids lick slime off rocks so when mermaids finally get pizza delivery they're going to want more than just personal pan pizza.

This might feed Ariel and her poor unfortunate family. Source:

The other day however something happened in my family that I never thought would take place.

My husband and I practically live on pizza. It is not that I do not cook. It is that rather than feeling blessed that I am able to provide healthy meals for our family, I feel stuck cooking all the time while he gets to take a nap or play on the laptop.  It's either that or takeout. And when it's takeout we much prefer pizza than anything else.  Usually it's my husband that asks me to order pizza which I do eagerly. It's one of our favorite meals in the world.

Or so I thought. 

On Saturday, however, I asked if he wanted me to order pizza and instead of being met with excitement I was met with:


What? "You're all pizza'd out?"

"I guess."

This was brand new to me. I was not sure how to process this information. Usually when my husband says no to pizza, it's forlornly because he's on a diet or he's sick. He's never voluntarily said no to pizza before.

On Sunday we went to the market and bought fresh salad greens and fruits to eat throughout the week. Both of us were pretty excited to pick out healthy things, and I was even more excited to get them all organized in my fridge. 

I've started thinking maybe this time I'll stop binge eating.  I mean if my husband can tire of pizza the world is full of possibilities. 

This is my food plan this week so far. I have to say that eggs require some kind of cheese. I left off the cheese yesterday and was very sad.  Very very sad.

I pack my lunch and snacks the night before while doing the dishes and it takes very little time.  It's nice to have fancy recipes but I prefer stuff I can throw together and mindlessly eat while I work.

I'm starting to get the hang of wraps but I wish I was better at it. The whole-grain wraps I use tear and rip as I roll it and I just end up throwing it folded into a small container.  Oh well, at least I'm saving the environment.

I made the strawberry salad last night with leftover Wendy's salad dressing and chicken instead of tofu and my husband loved it. Perhaps this is the era of the salads, though I'm not ready to say goodbye to pizza altogether.

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