Wednesday, July 9, 2014

3 Unexpected Reasons Why It's Good To Be Part Of Nettie Lou's Boob Crew

1. You get to wear a cool hat.

2. The crew has the word "boob" in the title. It also rhymes. 

3. Cancer is bad okay.

Last year my coworker was diagnosed with breast cancer. She fought through mastectomy and chemo and a year later is in the process of regaining her hair, taste buds, and life back. A bunch of us helped raise money for cancer and so she made these hats and I got to have one. Since then she has achieved many firsts such as her first airplane ride and starting an earring making business where the proceeds go towards cancer research.  I bought a bunch of earrings from her and that's why she gave me a hat, I think. I wear it every time I go walking at work as inspiration.

Here is a picture of me out walking in my boob crew hat!


  1. Now that is AMAZEBALLS! Kudos to you for wearing something that inspires you. I wish more people would.

    1. Today I am wearing the dress I wore to your wedding. It's all spinny!