Monday, May 12, 2014

The Weekly Schedule Destined to Destroy My Life

Hi Blog!  I tried to stick to that morning routine, I really did. But I didn't.  It's OK. It's good to try new things.

I'm really wiped out today. But I have an exciting week ahead of me.  It's Relay for Life week!  

And also some other things!!!

Monday - 
I advertised for a walking buddy last week in a Facebook group.  7 people responded so I created my own walking group to meet 2x a week for very long walks. Today is the first day!

Tuesday -
When you are married to someone with a mental illness it can lead to severe problems in the marriage. I'm really lucky that my marriage does not have severe problems in that we like to be together most days. However, we do have mental illness trying to nip at us once in a while. In my marriage, both of us have depression. I have bipolar depression, his is unipolar. It's been really really hard because I'll have an attack, then he'll have an attack, then I'll have one, then we'll have one at the same time ... etc. Our marriage is solid, it deserves proper maintenance and upkeep and we're starting therapy on Tuesday. Yay?  I'm really nervous and hope it goes well.

Wednesday - 
Weather permitting, our walking group meets for a second time!

Thursday - 
The Maryland Public Purchasing Association is honoring its support staff (which includes me! I'm a purchasing staffer!) at Hellas Restaurant. I love, love, love Hellas. I can't put into words how much I love Hellas. I'm excited to be invited to this event again.

Friday - 
Got tickets to see Demetri Martin. at the Lyric! We missed him the last time he was in Baltimore because I didn't know at the time that Greg was a fan.  It was only after he performed here I noticed Greg was religiously watching his DVDs he just got in the mail.

Saturday - 
My team is raising money for Relay for Life  which this year is located right where I live. In case you've never done it, it's a hoot.  There are booths that sell things and a track for walking.  At least one person from our team walks all night long from Saturday night to Sunday morning and in order to do that our team takes turns. There are also activities at the event.  Last year's event had Karaoke where I sung very very badly and that was my favorite thing.  This year's theme is superheroes!

(Last year's theme was we had no time set up because they changed our location at the last minute because of a bomb scare.)

Sunday -  
Sunday morning we wrap up Relay for Life, go home, and pretty much collapse. 

Here is this week's exercise schedule.

Monday - Walking Group
Tuesday - Yoga
Wednesday - Walking Group
Thursday -  Yoga
Friday - Rest
Saturday - Relay for Life
Sunday - Rest, maybe some Yoga if I'm up to it.

And what's for dinner?

Monday - Sauteed mushrooms and chicken sausage with pasta.
Tuesday - Quesadillas with chicken, broccoli, cauliflower, and cheese 
Wednesday - Grilled chicken salad on romaine
Thursday -  Grilled Tilapia and sweet potato
Friday - Pizza at Two Boots if we want to stay downtown or pizza at home if Greg is tired.
Saturday - Relay for Life food
Sunday - Tuna sandwiches. 

What's for backup dinner? Well, these recipes might fit the bill.  

My big household chore goals this week are to get the carpets and floors as clean as I can get them.  We'll see. 

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