Sunday, March 30, 2014

Things I Have Bought on Craigslist:

I used to live in a basement with no furniture. I had no bed, couch, or anything. I kept all my things in plastic bins or all over the floor. It didn't matter to me. Home was a place to rest for a minute before I got up and was an independent woman about town. I just needed a place to crash, no frills.

Then my boyfriend of two years moved in with me. Both of us had so much crap that keeping it in plastic containers did nothing anymore. The places we lived, however, didn't have a lot of room for furniture. So we threw all the extras in closets and in boxes all over the floor and climbed over them when we needed to leave the apartment. We lived like that for six years until I realized my surroundings were extremely depressing and we needed more space.

At first just moving to a bigger space was enough. I kept everything in boxes for about a year and didn't care. But after a while I wanted more things and I got sick of looking at the mess that had become my apartment.

Here is a video from Instagram showing how messy my place used to be: (Appreciate the melodrama! My name is Jennifer and I am a recovering hoarder!)


Now, I'm probably not really a hoarder. I just was not in a habit of putting stuff away and if I had been I had no place for my stuff. I needed furniture. Problem was I didn't have any money and I hated putting cheap furniture together.

Then one day I found Craigslist and since then I have a place for my stuff, joy!

The very first thing I ever bought on Craigslist was this treadmill:

It was $80 and everything I could possibly want in a treadmill. I can tread on it and it mills the walkway around, and it fits in my apartment. It also folds up in case I want to move it somewhere. I haven't had a successful workout on it yet, but starting Monday I think I might try to start walking on it.  I tried on Saturday and after less than five minutes I couldn't wait to stop because I was so out of breath.

I bought it from this young guy; couldn't have been more than 25 or so. Their little apartment looked like a frat dorm with lots of beer decor. I was totally jealous. Even though I am only 31 I feel twice my age when I'm around people in their twenties. Maybe if I begin using the treadmill I'll feel younger again.

The second thing I bought on Craigslist was this desk:

At $100 it wasn't exactly a steal, but it really brightens up the place. It allowed me to rearrange everything in my kitchen because I'm using the drawers for annoying storage things like trash bags and light bulbs. It was supposed to go in my bedroom but everyone agreed that it went well with my lime green couch, so it is now the first thing you see when you walk in. I bought it from Hidden Gem Furniture. I would definitely do business with them again because I definitely don't like painting my own furniture (super messy and time consuming but so pretty) and they're so local.

The third thing I bought off of Craigslist was this $15 desk that now lives in my husband's bedroom.

It is kind of perfect for a computer desk. It looks good in my husband's room, even though it was supposed to go in mine.  However when I saw it I noticed the computer tray looked perfect with his white wood bed frame and the blonde wood matched one of the four blonde wicker and wood chairs we have.

The fourth thing I bought off of Craigslist were my bookshelves.

Each bookshelf was $7.50. I stressed out for two days thinking I would have to cover them in contact paper because how ugly they are, but now that all my pretty things are on them I have no intention of doing so.

You'll see the middle bookcase is a white wicker bookcase. I've never known really what to do with it. I bought it at a flea market years ago. It's so small that it doesn't really hold anything, but it's so pretty I can't get rid of it. All the other desks I've shopped for weren't right because all along I've been looking for this bookshelf which I'm buying off of Craigslist this afternoon:

And this will look good with the sixth thing I plan on buying from Craigslist:

I think it is very important to surround yourself with things that make you happy. I am not saying go out and spend every penny, but there's something to be said to getting all of your stuff off the floor or having stuff that matches or stuff that you think is neat looking. Plus I love hearing that someone else owned these things. Most of these things have a history and a story.  This is what I love best about shopping the classifieds, flea markets and garage sales. I want to know about your 21 year old twins who have grown out of their furniture. I want to know about the desk you are parting with because your son has moved out and how you tell me you drilled a hole in the back to fit wires through. I want to know about your small business.  There's just something special about owning a piece someone else loved.